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Magic on Two Wheels

November 16th, 2022

What do you get when you take two burned-out school teachers, their 8-year-old twin sons, and a brand new bicycle built for three? I can’t speak for others, but in our case, the result was a whole year filled with magic.

I’ll never forget that day – the day my husband, John, came home after a particularly rough day in the classroom and said, “Nancy, I’m tired of this. Let’s quit our jobs, buy a triple bike, and take off with the kids.” Never one to sit back and let life pass me by, I jumped on his plan wholeheartedly.

Three months later we were ready: our teaching jobs had been quit, the big bicycle had been purchased, and my old bike rebuilt. Our bags were packed and good byes said. There was no turning back; there was only a year of adventure ahead of us. A year to pedal at will, turn on a whim, and explore sunsets without end. Ah yes, we were ready – ready to tackle this great continent of ours with our children, ready to live and experience and grow beyond our wildest imagination. Ready to be pushed farther than we had ever been pushed. And ready for magic.

On June 18, 2006 we pedaled away from our home in Boise, Idaho. John rode the “stretch limo” (bicycle built for three) with our boys, Davy and Daryl, while I followed along behind on a single bike. Anticipation, apprehension, excitement, and a little bit of dread filled our thoughts on that summer day as we wondered just what kinds of adventures we would find. It didn’t take long to find out.

Those first few days went by in a blur. We pedaled when we felt like it, took naps under trees when tired, and reveled in the idea that we had a whole year ahead of us; 365 days of life in the slow lane. Sure, we sweated like pigs climbing hills in 105Ú heat, and our bums screamed in agony at the injustice of being suddenly forced to spend hour upon hour in the saddle. But slowly, surely, we fell into a rhythm which worked for all four of us: young and old, big and small, energetic and not-so-energetic. Chaos-filled days where we couldn’t remember where anything had been stashed gradually morphed into days where everything had its place, everyone had their jobs, and we were a team working seamlessly together toward a common goal.

Mark Lindsay – Paul Revere and the Raiders Charismatic Superstar – One on One

April 21st, 2022

Paul Revere & the Raiders heroic Lead Singer/Songwriter/Producer – Mark Lindsay has impacted the music world in so many memorable ways.

Mark’s voice and persona with The Raiders made him a 60′s and 70′s icon and a mainstay on classic hits radio. Not only did he obtain legendary status with the band, he was the object for affection for the world’s school girl population. Mark Lindsay’s alluring smile, handsome profile, and mop-top dew with his long trademark ponytail (que) were on the front cover of every teen magazine around the globe. And forget about those redcoats from England that called themselves The Beatles, Mark Lindsay & the Raiders were True Blue Patriots for American Rock & Roll.

Mark Lindsay will once again be singing those timeless Paul Revere & the Raiders megahits on The Happy Together Tour 2011. Headlining this year’s tour is -The Turtles featuring Flo & Eddie (“It Ain’t Me Babe” “Happy Together” “She’s My Girl”). Other legendary performers on the tour are -The Association (“Windy” “Cherish” “Along Comes Mary”), The Grassroots, (“Let’s Live for Today” “Midnight Confessions”) and The Buckinghams (“Kind of a Drag” “Don’t You Care” “Susan”).

The tour will be stopping at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater on Tuesday July 19th.

All these GREAT performers on one exciting bill, and reminiscent of the American Bandstand, Where the Action Is, Hullabaloo and Shindig TV show lineups of the 60′s.

Paul Revere & the Raiders produced hit after hit throughout the 60′s and early 70′s. Memorable classics like “Kicks”, “Steppin’ Out”, “Hungry”, “Good Thing”, “Just Like Me” and “Indian Reservation.”

Marl Lindsay is a Florida native now. And thanks to Jeff Albright from the Albright Entertainment Group, I was able to speak with both Mark Lindsay and Mark Volman of The Turtles last week. The interview with Professor Volman will be following this article.

And now here’s my interview with Mark Lindsay. Mark’s a Singer/Writer/Producer/Hitmaker & Legendary Frontman of Paul Revere & the Raiders.

Hi Mark, thanks for spending a few moments with me today. How are you?

“I’m great Ray. Where are you calling from?”

I’m calling from beautiful Bradenton, Florida.

“Well hey; I’m sitting in Florida right now. We’re over near Jupiter and we’re actually living in Florida now. I’ve been married to Deborah for twenty years and in that twenty years we’ve lived in Idaho, Oregon, Arizona, California, Maui, Nashville, Memphis, upstate New York and Florida. So we’ve lived in all four corners of the country and Hawaii and I like Florida the best. Florida’s cool, where else can you get summer 365 days a year, although it might get cold at night. I think we’re both lucky to be down here.”